25 Oct, 2010



I started walking and training Jessie when he was just a pup.  We took a break for a while but now he’s back!  He is such a well behaved dog.  All that training really shows with him.


How can you resist a face like this?!  Fransic is a Frenchie/Pug mix and just joined the group a couple of months ago.  She is really loving all her new friends and getting out in the middle of her day.


It’s always a party with Reno!  Reno is a bouncy Yellow Lab that just loves being in the outdoors.  He is happy-go-lucky and brings a smile to anyone’s face.


  1. Jessie looks very happy in this pic. so glad he is back with you, he comes home happy and tired.

  2. Francis! And of course she’s taking a rest at the park too! She loves big dogs!

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